July is National Black Family Month - one of The Black Women's Agenda, Inc.'s (BWA) favorite celebrations. Established in 2006 to promote the enrichment of families through education, health, and self-improvement, this observance also encourages us to support our loved ones, reflect with one another, and invest in and inspire our young.

In the eyes of BWA, we are all family. Securing, protecting, and advancing the rights and interests of our family has been our organization's privilege and purpose for 40 years. As part of our mission, BWA has established numerous programs to support of Black women and their families. They include:

  • Because We Care - a series of free forums that provide African-American women and their families with the information and resources to take better care of their loved ones and themselves.
  • Four for 4 - Four People, Four Votes, Four Years, and Foresight - an initiative that engages the members of 21 participating sororities, civic and faith-based groups in raising awareness, educating voters, and ensuring that at least four people, including themselves, vote on Election Day
  • Inform & Inspire - workshops that introduce middle school girls in cities across the U.S. to the science of climate change as well as non-traditional STEM careers, and
  • The Bright Futures Awards - which recognize students whose academic achievements and service to school and community distinguish them as future leaders and success stories.

During this month, BWA encourages African-American women and their families to rededicate themselves to family and celebrate their connection, heritage, and commitment to one another. Families should look to implement progressive and positive changes; connect through old traditions; create new ones, and participate in activities that can be continued throughout the year.

Studies show that spending time together as a family can foster communication; promote respect and mutual appreciation; build confidence and self-esteem in our children and provide memories that last a lifetime. So, this month, BWA suggests getting everyone involved in preparing the family's favorite foods; interviewing one another and creating a family history; volunteering; reading together; sharing hopes and dreams, and singing out loud with that Sister Sledge, "We are Family!"



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