The Black Women's Agenda, Inc. Speaks Out on the George Zimmerman Verdict

WASHINGTON, DC – July 16, 2013 – African American mothers, grandmothers and women of color felt the burden of Trayvon Martin’s mother as our collective hearts sank a little deeper as they heard the reading of verdict. However, being depressed or angry by the judicial system does not serve as an answer to a much larger issue facing our nation. The State of Florida Vs Zimmerman is just one case; even if a violation of civil rights case is brought to fruition it solves only one case for one time. This tragedy should be a catalyst to energize actions to address the root causes and develop solutions. We should not be put in a position to grasp for words to explain to our sons the unfortunate realities of racial profiling and why this verdict impacts them especially. The Black Women’s Agenda, Inc is advocating for a positive actionable response to mitigate our very visceral ill-omen feelings of hope deferred. If we have any thirst for stopping the vicious cycle to prevent this tragedy in the future, we must develop a fundamental national understanding and laws regarding what constitutes unacceptable vigilante conduct, unreasonable interpretations of stand your ground laws as well as gun violence in our country. We owe it to Trayvon’s memory, ourselves, our God and our country.

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