Living Your Best Life At Every Age: I AM the change

Living your best life – it is the mantra for the 21st century. Experts tell us that living your best life is a proactive pursuit. We must be willing to take action, make choices and own our existence, but what exactly does “living your best life” mean? How do you go about it, and is it something that changes over time?

A Center for Disease Control report revealed that Black women are living longer than ever before, and experts believe it is because many of us are making a concerted effort to live healthier and better throughout the years. And although there is no one-size-fits-all guide to achieving that inner peace and glow, many African-American women are working not only on getting healthy and fit but also finding new ways to satisfy their curiosity; expand their skill set; live in the moment; manage their finances, and embrace the people and things they value.


The Black Women’s Agenda, Inc.


Living Your Best Life at Every Age: I Am The Change

Sisters, A Seat At The Table


Bethany Baptist Church
275 W. Market
Newark, NJ 07107

February 1. 2020 11am-2pm

Anna Russell Mora
(National Secretary of Black Women’s Agenda, Inc.)


Anna Russell Mora
(National Secretary of Black Women’s Agenda, Inc.)

Minister Renee Brown Johnson

Honorable Mildred C. Crump

(President of the City of Newark Municipal Council)
Denise L. Taylor-Hill
(National President of The National Drifters, Inc.)
Andrea Brooks-Smith
(National President of National of Association of Colored Women’s Clubs, Inc.)

Dr. Joyce Wilson Harley, Esq.

Dr. Deborah E. Collins, Esq.
Dr. Adunni Slackman Anderson
Denise Taylor-Hill

Erika Swaringen-Blankumsee

Purpose of Event:

To facilitate an open community discussion regarding “Why we must vote”, “Why we must stand up and be counted: Census 2020”, “Rise Up: To create the legislative change you want to see”, and “Who will carry the torch?” This forum was designed for women to make choices, take action, and be a part of a powerful change.

Registered Number of Guest:

Guest in Attendance: 110


The Honorable Mildred C. Crump, President of Newark Municipal Council, welcomed The Black Women’s Agenda, Inc. to the city of Newark, New Jersey. Dr. Joyce Wilson Harley, Esq. facilitated a stimulating conversation between the panelist and the community. Dr. Deborah E. Collins evoked a spirit of action for our communities to be active in all elections. Dr. Adunni Slackman Anderson urged the community to partake in the Census of 2020. Denise L. Taylor-Hill, National President of The National Drifters, Inc. encouraged attendees to “Rise Up and Be Heard” on HR1, also known as, The For The People Act. Erika Swaringen-Blankumsee vocalized the importance of mentorship, collective bargaining power, collaborating with and joining black women’s organizations, and the collective responsibility to carry the torch.



“It was [sic] truly incredible & informative event. The panelists were excellent & in full command of their topics. It was a pleasure to support these Sisters & was pleased to be in the company of so many committed women.”
– Debra Spruill

“It was quite an impressive afternoon! Vote!”
– Marie Thomas-Foster

“The power is in your vote!”
– Sandra Carney

“It was a tremendous honor to work with these amazing sisters!”
– Dr. Deborah E. Collins, Esq.


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